2016 Camp Workers

Rev. John Brewer
Rev. John Brewer

Rev. Mark Lemon
Rev. Mark Lemon

Mike Mayhle family
Mike Mayhle Family

Song Evangelists
Rev. and Mrs. Luke Robberts
Rev. & Mrs. Luke Robberts

Youth Evangelists
The Victory Trio
The Victory Trio
Children’s Workers
Rev. Steve Goodenow
Rev. Steve Goodenow
Bible Teacher
Rev. Steve Hight
Rev. Steve Hight

Missions Day Speaker
Rev. Roger Hatfield
Rev. Roger Hatfield
Camp President

An update from Camp President Hatfield: “Due to no one living on the grounds, the Board felt that installing a gate at the entrance was necessary until the Lord provides a caretaker for the grounds. If someone needs to get in, they can contact me or one of the Board members to see when they can get on the grounds. Also, please pray the Lord will send us a qualified and dedicated caretaker to help keep the maintenance up on the camp and buildings.”

The camp is finally in a position to seek a full-time camp caretaker. We are looking for a retired man or couple who has a desire and ability to work around the camp grounds. We are only interested in individuals who believe in and practice the Holiness doctrine and lifestyle. We need help with building maintenance, plumbing problems, routine maintenance, security, mowing, etc. This position is critical to the continuance of the camp. We have 34 acres, numerous old buildings, and much infrastructure that is aging and needs continuous repair. If you or someone you know would like to serve the Lord and His Kingdom in this manner, please get in touch with Camp President Hatfield. This is not a rocking chair position — we need someone who has skills and strength to make a difference in this great institution. Please pray the Lord will supply this need! Some compensation is available but applicants would need to have other income.

Welcome to Campmeeting!

WELCOME to the website of Clinton Campmeeting, a ministry of the Tri-State Holiness Association. In 2016, we are celebrating our 92nd year!

Clinton Campmeeting is the grounds for an annual, old-fashioned, holiness campmeeting where God’s people gather for spiritual renewal and revival. It is NOT a campground for recreational camping trips.

Clinton Campmeeting begins the 3rd Thursday of July each year and runs for 10 days. It is located on Route 30 about 20 miles west of Pittsburgh at Clinton, Pennsylvania. The physical address is 55 Campmeeting Road.

In 2016, Missions Day will be on Tuesday, July 26, and will feature EFM, represented by Rev. Steve Hight. You won’t want to miss it! The Tri-State Holiness Association Annual Business Meeting will be held on Thursday, July 28, at 9:00 a.m.

NOTE: Please register at the Camp Office as soon as you arrive on the grounds. Campers and RVs should check with the office before parking. Please bring your own bedding and linens.